Art to me is the ability to create change, to provoke emotion and thought, to have an audience leave the theater different from how they walked in. Ever since I could talk and develop a coherent thought, I’ve had a desire to change the world. Big or small, I know that I cannot stay silent and let things I disagree with pass me by. It wasn’t long before I found an outlet for this passion: theatre, and more specifically, directing.

As a director, I am compelled by any work that falls under the “Theatre for Social Change” category. Art is an incredible tool for amplifying new ideas to a diverse groups of people, and because of this, serves as an accessible and profound way to inform communities what is going on in the world around them: calling out the hypocrisies and issues that attempt to be hidden or filtered.

Using this scaffolding, I have a strong background in “Found-Space Theatre”, as I believe the best way to get these messages across is not by simply showing an audience, but instead completely immersing them into the story and the world of the play. This means that when producing work, I am not just inspired by the text of the play, but also a physical location. It’s not always consistent, sometimes I will come into a space and think of what should be done there, sometimes I read a piece and think of where it should be done, or sometimes it all comes together by itself.

My goal is to effect change, my tool is theatre. I am a relentless artist, director, and individual.

Let’s work together:

Photography by Annalyn Connor

Photography by Annalyn Connor